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Help | F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Who is OwnForce for?
What can OwnForce do for my business?
What is the OwnForce Marketplace?
Who are task owners?
Who are task professionals?
How do I post a task?
How do I win work?
How is payment handled in The OwnForce Marketplace?
What makes OwnForce different from competitors?
Is the OwnForce Marketplace a secure and protected system?
How do I know I will receive quality work from the task professional?
How do I communicate with the task professional I’d like to hire?
How long will it take for my task professional to complete the work I’ve hired them for?
What does it means to create an organization or business?
What does it means to join someones organization or business?
What does it mean to have someone join an organization or business I created?
What is the advantage of assigning a markup to my organization or business?
Do I have to be an employee of a business to join it?
  1. The Business Page
    Here you can see general information about a business and if you have certain permissions, you can change member roles, view reports, customize your businesss, or add business services and insurance.
  2. Business Information Section
    This is where you can see the businesses logo, administrator, phone number, email, and more general information about the business.
  3. Add OwnForce Features Section
    This area lets you request customization options for your business. It has a link to get the OwnForce Prepaid Card and also has links to get quotes for business services (payroll, hr, insurance) and Group Insurance.
  4. Members and Requests
    In this tab you can choose how new member requests are handled, approve new members and change their roles.
  5. Contribution Report
    This tab shows you how many tasks have made a contribution to your business and a grand total of all the contributions. This is only applicable if you have applied a markup to your business.
    This tab shows you all the quotes you've requested, if any, and the responses you get back for them.

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