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Who is OwnForce for?
What can OwnForce do for my business?
What is the OwnForce Marketplace?
Who are task owners?
Who are task professionals?
How do I post a task?
How do I win work?
How is payment handled in The OwnForce Marketplace?
What makes OwnForce different from competitors?
Is the OwnForce Marketplace a secure and protected system?
How do I know I will receive quality work from the task professional?
How do I communicate with the task professional I’d like to hire?
How long will it take for my task professional to complete the work I’ve hired them for?
What does it means to create an organization or business?
What does it means to join someones organization or business?
What does it mean to have someone join an organization or business I created?
What is the advantage of assigning a markup to my organization or business?
Do I have to be an employee of a business to join it?
  1. Order up a Gig
    This form lets you order a Gig from a Task Pro. Gigs are tasks that Task Pros want to do. When you order a Gig a task and a bid are automatically created based on the parameters of the Gig. The task will belong to you and the bid will belong to this Task Pro. The bid will be automatically accepted by you. The Task Pro then has to confirm that they will do the task you ordered.
  2. Gig Details
    This area lets you see the details of the Gig you are ordering.
  3. Hours
    If the Task Pro charges by the hour select how many hours you think the task will take. If the Task Pro has a unit rate then you only need to fill out this rate or the unit rate. It is not required to fill out both rates, just one. If you do fill out both for some reason then subtotals they will be added together.
  4. Units
    If the Task Pro charges per unit select how many you will need. If the Task Pro also has an hourly rate you can fill out this rate or the hourly rate. You do not have to fill out both. If you do fill out both for some reason then their subtotals will be added together.
  5. Note
    If the task being created from this Gig needs any additional details or information feel free to put that here.
  6. Due Date
    Select a date you would like this work to be completed by.
  7. Upload or Include Files
    You can add relevent files on to the task that will be created.
  8. Accept
    After you have filled in the form click here to generate the Task for this Gig.

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