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Version 1.0

OwnForce, Inc. Affiliate Policy

Program Description

In the separate Affiliate Agreement, the Affiliate Program is described as follows; “The Affiliate Program allows organizations or groups to offer their stakeholders and End Users the services and benefits of with options for their organization to participate in a Revenue Share model. Organizations may put their logo on a customized Branded Site, connect it to their website, and promote the features of the Platform to their constituents.  Organizations may also earn revenue by adding a Revenue Share on each End User transaction on their Branded Site.” In order to become an OwnForce Affiliate, You must agree to the OwnForce Terms of Service, OwnForce Privacy Policy, the Affiliate Agreement and this Affiliate Program Policy, all of which can be found on Definitions of capitalized terms can be found in the Affiliate Agreement.

Revenue Share  (see Affiliate Agreement definition)

Upon the acceptance of all agreements and policies on and the approval from OwnForce, You may use Your Branded Site to earn an additional Revenue Share by defining a contribution (the equivalent of a markup) which will be applied to all End User Fees for tasks completed by Your End Users doing business on Your Branded Site. The task owner who has been granted access by You to Your Branded Site pays the Revenue Share + the OwnForce Fee + payment processing fees (credit card fees, ACH transfer fees or any other payment method fee) along with their task payment.  The Revenue Share is the part of the total  End User Fee paid by Your End Users. The Revenue share is more fully described in section “4 Revenue Share and Payment” in the Affiliate Agreement.

Affiliate Program Tiers  - Options & Features

The OwnForce Affiliate Program is available in multiple Tiers, which are: Contribution on the OwnForce Platform, Global Branded Site, Private Branded Site, and Customized Site.  Fees for each Tier are defined in the Fee Schedule and may be changed from time to time. The options and features of each Tier are shown below:

Note: Currently, Tier implementation fees are waived until further notice. Once implemented, Affiliates will not be required to pay an implementation fee in the future.

Contribution on the OwnForce Platform

Once approved, You are provided the right to:

Global Branded Site

Once approved, You are provided the right to:

Private Branded Site

Once approved, You are provided the right to:

Private Branded Site 2

Custom Branded Site

Once approved, You are provided the right to:

Support Fees

Affiliates will receive a maximum of ten (10) hours of technical support each month for implementation for the first two months after becoming an affiliate followed by two hours of support per month thereafter, in at least fifteen (15) minute increments as support demands require. Unused increments/hours are not carried over to subsequent months.  Additional time is billed at the rate defined in the Fee Schedule on a per hour basis, in fifteen (15) minute increments.  

Intellectual Property Rights 

All material contained on OwnForce platform is protected by law including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark law, and other state, national, and international laws and regulations, unless otherwise indicated. Affiliates acknowledge that, unless otherwise indicated, all right, title and interest in the OwnForce platform and any and all intellectual property rights associated therewith are exclusively owned by OwnForce, Inc.  

Any re-use on your web site(s) of OwnForce copyrighted images, logos and marketing text must include this notice in the following form:

Copyright © year (e.g., 2015) OwnForce, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Any part of OwnForce may be changed, supplemented, deleted, updated, discontinued, suspended, or modified at any time, and without prior notice to you.

OwnForce, Inc. has the right to monitor Your Branded Site at any time to ensure that the Terms of Service, Affiliate Agreement, Privacy Policy, and this Affiliate Program Policy are being followed. If an affiliate violates any of thee agreements or policies,
OwnForce reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate from the Affiliate ProgramUpon termination, an Affiliate must immediately remove all links to OwnForce from their web site.

No joint venture, partnership, employment, franchise, or agency relationship exists between OwnForce and an affiliate or OwnForce and an affiliate’s members.

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