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Version 1.0

OwnForce Fee Schedule for End Users

Description Fee

Sign up and create a user profile to be a
Task Pro, Task Owner or Business


Posting a task in the marketplace


Bidding on a task


Paying for a Task

Bid Amount + MarketPlace Transaction Fee (10%) +
User Payment Fee (3% + $0.80)

Being paid for completing a Task


Paying for a Task on an third party Affiliate Branded Site**

Bid Amount + MarketPlace Transaction Fee (variable) +
User Payment Fee (3% + $0.80) + Affiliate Defined Additional Contribution Fee (variable)

Send Money to anyone on the OwnForce site.

Amount + MarketPlace Transaction Fee (10%) +
Payment processing fees based on the Payment Method selected by End Users. *

Business Services that include, Payroll, HR, Health Insurance, etc. are priced according to your company’s needs and will have separate agreements than the OwnForce Terms of Service or Affiliate Agreement for the OwnForce marketplace.  You can receive quotes at

There is only one fee to have a task done on, which is paid by
the Task Owner when the work has been successfully completed.

* Note: Payment Processing fees vary depending on which payment methods
are chosen by the Task Owner and Task Pro.

** Contact us with questions or to request an Affiliate Program fee schedule. We can provide you information about how you can earn money hosting your OwnForce powered marketplace, with your logo instead of the OwnForce logo, with our Affiliate Program.   Affiliate implementation cost waived until further notice!!!

OwnForce contact information: 
or via the ‘Support | Contact Us’ menu on the OwnForce Platform.

OwnForce Fee Schedule for End Users 050515 Version 1.0