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Help | F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Who is OwnForce for?
What can OwnForce do for my business?
What is the OwnForce Marketplace?
Who are task owners?
Who are task professionals?
How do I post a task?
How do I win work?
How is payment handled in The OwnForce Marketplace?
What makes OwnForce different from competitors?
Is the OwnForce Marketplace a secure and protected system?
How do I know I will receive quality work from the task professional?
How do I communicate with the task professional I’d like to hire?
How long will it take for my task professional to complete the work I’ve hired them for?
What does it means to create an organization or business?
What does it means to join someones organization or business?
What does it mean to have someone join an organization or business I created?
What is the advantage of assigning a markup to my organization or business?
Do I have to be an employee of a business to join it?
  1. Profile Page
    This is a profile page. It might even be your own. There are personal profiles and there are business profiles. Everyone has a personal profile, but only people affliated with a business in some way get a business profile. Business profiles have your name plus "@ business_name" added on to them.
  2. Profile Avatar
    This is an image of the user that owns this profile or an image they feel represents them in some way. Below it is a progress bar showing how complete this profile is. To the right of the picture is the user's name, their job title (if they gave one) and city/state (if they listed it).
  3. View Your Businesses
    This is a link to your "My Businesses" page. You'll only see this button if this profile belongs to you.
  4. Add New Business
    This will take you to the create a business form. This will only appear if the profile you are viewing belongs to you.
  5. Get the OwnForce Card
    This is a link to order the OwnForce card, which is another way to pay for services on the site.
  6. Edit Profile
    This will take you to edit this profile. You will only see this link if the profile belongs to you.
  7. Add to Contacts
    Add this person to your contact list so they can be easily accessed.
  8. Send Money
    Send Money to this person quickly and easily with the OwnForce Send Money option.
  9. Send Message
    Send a message to this person quickly and easily with the OwnForce Send Message option.
  10. About Me
    Who is this person? That is what this section should answer.
  11. Experience
    This is where users can list the details of their Experience, Specialized Training and any unique qualifications they have.
  12. Gigs
    Gigs are tasks that are made to order. They are like templates a Task Pro makes defining work they can do. If the owner of the profile has made any gigs they will appear in this section of the page.
  13. New Gig
    This is a link to create a new Gig. It will only be visible if this is your profile.
  14. Ratings and Reviews
    In this section you can see the average star rating and the comments made on each review the owner of this profile has been given.
  15. Totals
    This is a table that breaks down the average rating the user has in each rating category.

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