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Who is OwnForce for?
What can OwnForce do for my business?
What is the OwnForce Marketplace?
Who are task owners?
Who are task professionals?
How do I post a task?
How do I win work?
How is payment handled in The OwnForce Marketplace?
What makes OwnForce different from competitors?
Is the OwnForce Marketplace a secure and protected system?
How do I know I will receive quality work from the task professional?
How do I communicate with the task professional I’d like to hire?
How long will it take for my task professional to complete the work I’ve hired them for?
What does it means to create an organization or business?
What does it means to join someones organization or business?
What does it mean to have someone join an organization or business I created?
What is the advantage of assigning a markup to my organization or business?
Do I have to be an employee of a business to join it?
  1. This is the Task Page
    it contains all the information about a task.
  2. Request Cancel sometimes something comes up after a task has been started and it needs to be cancelled.
    Both the Task Owner and Task Pro must mutually agree to a cancellation for it to occur.
  3. Cancel Button if something came up and for some reason you CANNOT complete this task, use this button to indicate this.
  4. Confirm Button click this to let the Task Pro know you can do the task and are starting on it.
  5. Confirm Task Completion this button becomes active once the Task Pro indicates they have completed the task. If you agree the task has been satisfactorily completed click it, otherwise communicate with the Task Pro using our messaging system.
  6. Rate & Review once a task is completed by sure to rate the person you dealt with, so others caqn make an informed choice as to working with them.
  7. Pencil Icons are always links to edit something. This one lets you edit this task.
  8. Task Description this is the full description of the task to be done.
  9. Category this displays the main category and the sub category this task is in.
  10. Tags these are like searchable keywords related to this task.
  11. Task Due this is when the work on this task should be completed.
  12. Budget this is the maximum amount the task owner will pay out for this task.
  13. Task Owner this is the name of the person that created this task.
  14. Place Bid If this task looks like one you're qualified to doand want todo, click this to place a bid on the task.
  15. Share task via...this button allows you to recommend this task to a Task Pro. Clicking it will pre-populate a message for you with information about the task and a link to view it. All you have to do is select who you are sending it to and hit send. You can recommend this task to as many people as you like.
  16. Choose a Task Pro this button is only visible to you, the task owner, it pre-populates a message with information about the task and a link to it. It also creates and pre-accepts a bid from the task pro you send it to. All the task pro has to do is follow the link in the message and hit "Accept Proposal" on the task page to start work on the task. You can only pre-approve one task pro at a time.
  17. Bid Proposals If the Task Owner has selected to have all bids visible you can see what other Task Pros are charging.
  18. Comments this area is for comments between the task owner and task pros. Comments task pros make will only be visible to the task owner. Top level comments a task owner makes will be visible to everyone. Replies the task owner makes to a task pro's comment will only be visible to the task pro and task owner.

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